Magnet +

With MAGNET+, each member of the network has the opportunity to share experiences for which they are the project leader, with the aim of continuous improvement.

MAGNET+ is a showcase presenting special projects and experiences made or carried out by MAGNET members around social inclusion and market gardening.


Three incubation models

These projects draw inspiration from, align with, and rely on three incubation models :

  • Social Land Management : Focused on providing dedicated land for the development of social incubation strategies
  • Social Governance : Focused on public governance models in the allocation of social inclusion strategies
  • Social Enterprise : Focused on social enterprise strategies.

Rating criteria

The scoring criteria are considered based on three major parameters :

  • The presentation of a local partnership
  • The overall description of the project’s functioning through 5 components :
    1. The Intern Recruitment process
    2. The Training program
    3. The Co-Production mode
    4. Post-training opportunities
    5. Financing and expenses
  • The annual declaration of information update.

The project sheet can be published on MAGNET+ once it reaches a score of 75%.