MAGNET is an international network platform for sharing experiences on social issues.

MAGNET was created as part of the Interreg North-West Europe IMAGINE program (Inclusive Market AGriculture Incubator in North-West Europe) from January 1, 2019 to March 31, 2023, which contributed to the development of six pilot experiences in social inclusion of young people (NEETs - Not in Education, Employment or Training) in five countries (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, England, and the Netherlands) according to three incubation models :

  • Social Land Management
  • Social Governance
  • Social Enterprise

At the end of the IMAGINE project, all experiences accumulated over four years are made available via the website www.imagine-future.eu, as well as through the MAGNET platform which aims to continue exchanges and sharing of experiences with anyone interested in social issues in general.

Thus, MAGNET is composed of five major sections :

  1. A news feed that allows each member to share documents, videos, events, questions, etc.
  2. An Agenda section that takes into account all events shared on the network.
  3. A Documents section composed of all the documentation shared through the IMAGINE project and MAGNET.
  4. A Members section that lists all members of the network and facilitates networking.
  5. A MAGNET+ section, which is a showcase for presenting and highlighting social inclusion projects carried by network members.

See you soon on MAGNET !