Network charter

Last updated March 1st, 2023

Article 1 - Presentation of MAGNET

MAGNET is a network open to the sharing of experiences in terms of social integration, particularly through market gardening professions. This network was created as part of the IMAGINE project.

IMAGINE is a social innovation project co-funded by the INTERREG North-West Europe programme from 2019 to 2023. It includes a transnational team of ten partners and sub-partners in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

IMAGINE aims to combat unemployment by offering sustainable employment prospects in the horticultural sector for low-skilled people aged 18 to 34 who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETs).

The initial project was implemented by partners in regions of North West Europe where many young people face obstacles in finding a job.

The ambition of the IMAGINE project was to develop, test and implement a series of new innovative models to help young people find sustainable jobs, sharing the lessons of the project so that the work carried out could be replicated across North-West Europe, and beyond over time.

MAGNET was designed with the aim of allowing continuity of the experience of the IMAGINE project and sharing over the long term.

The name MAGNET corresponds to a combination of the words IMAGINE and NETWORK. The symbol of a magnet is a reference to the purpose of a network and an online tool like this : connect people from various horizons in order to help them to share their experiences.

Article 2 - Purpose of the Charter

The purpose of this Charter is to define the general principles of collaboration between members of the MAGNET network, including objectives, rights and responsibilities, the outline of the platform, and the conditions of membership.

Article 3 - The objectives of the Network

The main objective of the "MAGNET" network is to connect professionals operating in the fields of social integration, agricultural production (market gardening, horticulture, agriculture, etc.), training, education, economic development, and political decision-making within public or private organisations.

This connection aims to facilitate the sharing of know-how in a virtuous perspective of developing the knowledge and skills of each member through feedback and experiences shared within the network.

These objectives are supported by the provision of digital exchange tools available on the MAGNET website :, allowing for the progressive accumulation and archiving of shared data.

Article 4 – “MAGNET” network tools

Members of the “MAGNET” network benefit from :

  • The provision of an open source documentary base developed through the Interreg North-West Europe IMAGINE project.
  • The unlimited and free access to the various networking and network experience sharing tools available on the website.
  • The internal network communication tools to promote and disseminate information and knowledge for all members of the network.
  • The animation of the network by the regular dissemination of notifications about the new members and the last publications.

Article 5 – Membership conditions

Any natural or legal person (public or private body) who is involved or wishes to be involved in initiatives related to social integration and market gardening can be a member of the network.

Network membership is subject to :

  • The member’s commitment to respect the objectives of the charter ;
  • Acceptance of the commitments set out in the charter ;
  • The voluntary creation of a personal account on the website

Article 6 – Membership

Active membership status is confirmed by receiving an email notification after the account creation from the website

Membership is free and immediate. It has no time limit.

Article 7 – Types of members

There are two types of members :

The Founding members : Natural or legal persons involved in the Interreg North-West Europe IMAGINE project. They are members by right.

Active members : Natural or legal persons who have created an account on the website

Article 8 – Members’ commitments

The members of the "MAGNET" network undertake to :

  • Write a faithful and sincere profile information sheet.
  • Participate in exchanges through structured, complete, and up-to-date information.
  • Contribute actively to the network in a succinct and well-sourced way (Sources, scopes of use, validity dates, etc.).

Article 9 – Use and ownership of data

  • The initial documentary core of the network is based on the experience of the IMAGINE project. This information is freely available with the aim of encouraging the emergence of new projects of the same nature or individual commitments to duplicate or extend these models based on feedback. In the network, this kind of content is marked by the Interreg North-West Europe IMAGINE programme visual identity.
  • The data shared by the network members are the property of their authors. Therefore, any document or experience shared by a network member may only be used by a third party after obtaining prior consent from the author.

Article 10 – Moderation and conditions of use

The network is not subject to any a priori moderation, however the administrators of the network don’t exclude targeted a posteriori moderation.

The administrators of the "MAGNET" network think that everyone’s goodwill allows as many people as possible to give food for thought, learn and compare points of view.

However, this principle of exchange and co-production remains only when each responsible participant undertakes not to go against morality, the regulations in force, the administrative prohibitions or good morals through the content of his profile and his shares.

This is the reason why the administrators of the network reserve the right to adapt content in agreement with their authors if they believe it is necessary or simply to delete this content in the case of abuse. That kind of thing may lead the author to a temporary or permanent network exclusion.

It should be noted that a section dedicated to reporting questionable content is made available to each member in order to allow everyone to contribute to the overall moderation of content. In the same way, any abuse in the use of this reporting service which proves to be counterproductive may lead a member to a temporary or permanent network exclusion.

Each member is fully responsible for the data he shares, of which he remains the sole owner, and may at any time modify, delete or request its removal.

The administrators and other members of the network can’t be held responsible for the use of fraudulent content. In case of an infringement of the laws in force by one or more members of the network, the administrators reserve the right to notify and initiate any necessary proceedings with the competent authorities.

Any member wishing to reuse all or part of the data shared by other members of the network must first request the necessary authorizations to them.

Article 11 – Loss of membership and resignation

The loss of membership can be done according to three options :

  1. Inactivity : Any account that hasn’t been used for more than 24 months is considered inactive and is automatically deleted. This deletion entails the loss of membership.
    Procedure in case of inactivity : Notifications are automatically sent to members every 6-month period of inactivity to encourage them to return to the network or to offer them the option of closing their account if they are no longer interested, until the date of automatic deletion after 24 months.
  2. Resignation : Each member can, at any time, close his account from the dedicated section of his account. This resignation is accompanied by either :
    • The complete deletion of all data, messages, and editorial content related to the member.
    • The global anonymization of data provided by the member. By making this choice, the member shared content becomes anonymous and remains available for consultation by members.
      The choice made by the member is irreversible once confirmed.
  3. Exclusion : In accordance with the article 10, participation in the “MAGNET” network is accompanied by rules of good conduct. Any member who has been the subject of reports from active members or has abused the reporting functionality may be temporarily or permanently excluded.

Article 12 - Personal data

Each member must at least complete the account creation form containing the following information :

  • The first and last name of the account owner.
  • The organisation and/or profession of the account owner.
  • The account owner’s email address.

For reasons of confidentiality, only the last name, first name and organisation/profession of each profile are made visible to all members of the network. Connections between members can only be done through the internal network messaging section. Notifications are sent by email to members when messages are sent to them.

The methods of processing personal data are fully described in the Privacy Policy of the "MAGNET" network.